Monoxivent's Single Wall & Double Wall UnderDuct Solutions

UnderDuct Single Wall Solutions

Our Class 1 rated single wall duct, meets 25/50 flame/smoke requirements of ASTM E 84.  Monoxivent UnderDuct 824 Low Smoke has been approved for underground applications through ICC-ES. It is an excellent choice for corrosive environments where flame and smoke development are a concern, such as laboratories and swimming pools.

UnderDuct Double Wall Solutions

Double wall Monoxivent UnderDuct, also a Class 1 rated duct, will eliminate any thermal losses and save time and money compared to insulating on site. When supplied with the standard 1” insulation, the duct has a k factor of 0.16 and an R value of 6. Also available in R-10, R-14 by request.

Double Wall Insulated UnderDuct fully complies with the latest version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) which requires specific R-values determined by ASTM testing methods.