L3 Connection 

Low Dust, Low VOC, LEED Driven


To comply with LEED requirements of dust and VOC control, Monoxivent offers the L3 Connection System.  A protective strip that is removed on the job site is incorporated into the duct and fittings during the fabrication process.  Simply peel the strip, apply the specially designed Low VOC adhesive and grab those extra LEED points!

L3 Benefits:

  • No dust from grinding
  • Low VOC in adhesive
  • Tested to 15 PSI
  • Meets LEED specification requirements

Double Wall DWIDC

Double Wall Insulated Duct Connection

Monoxivent now supplies a standard double wall duct connection that incorporates an FRP alignment sleeve with every field joint. Installation is made easier with the added benefit of eliminating gaps for a higher quality finished duct system.

Stack with Integral Curb Cover

From FRP Solutions

Monoxivent offers an innovative design for weatherproofing FRP HVAC roof penetrations.  Whether your FRP duct is round, square or rectangular, the curb cover is laminated directly to the duct to ensure a leak free seal. 

Cable Operated Dampers

Design, materials and features of Cable Operated Dampers