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Corrosive Fume Duct/Hybrid

Lab Duct can handle a wide variety of chemical fumes, including strong acids and caustics. Condensate formed in the duct system can concentrate these chemicals due to evaporation, making them even more corrosive. Because a Lab is considered occupied space, the structural and exterior surface of the duct requires a low smoke and flame rating per UL-181, as well as low fire-gas toxicity. This product blends the interior corrosion barrier with an exterior Class 1 duct material.

Hybrid-CF (Corrosive Fume) duct has an interior layer of corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin while the structural and exterior layers are fabricated with Monoxivent’s 824 UnderDuct Resin. The unique blend offers the required corrosion resistance often needed with the protection of a low smoke, low flame Class 1 Duct that is required for use in occupied buildings.

Layers of the Hybrid Duct


  • Hospitals
  • Aquariums
  • Dog Kennels
  • Exposed Vehicle Exhaust Duct
  • Laboratories

Hybrid Duct

  1. Vinylester Interior – Fire Retardant Corrosion Liner
  2. Modified Acrylic Structural Layer – Class 1 Rated for Low Smoke & Low Flame
  3. Modified Acrylic Exterior – Class 1 Rated for Low Smoke & Low Flame
  4. Exterior Coating – Factory Applied Corrosion Resistant Gel Coat

Hybrid Lab Duct