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Corrosion Resistant Underfloor Duct for Vehicle Exhaust Removal

UnderDuct by Monoxivent, is pleased to announce: UnderDuct-VE. The corrosion resistant underfloor exhausting duct is tested and certified to 500˚ F.  The duct does not need concrete encasement.  The duct’s smooth bore allows for more efficient airflow and less pressure drop, making it the perfect match with Monoxivent under-ground exhaust equipment for a complete Source Capture package.

Under-Duct VE is the ONLY non-metallic vehicle exhaust duct certified to meet building codes by the ICC (International Code Council) as outlined in IMC 510.8   

ICC Approval

IMC 510.8, Duct Construction

“Nonmetallic ducts utilized in systems exhausting nonflammable corrosive fumes or vapors shall be listed and labeled. Nonmetallic duct shall have a flame spread rating of 25 or less and a smoke-developed rating of 50 or less, as tested in accordance with ASTM E 84. Ducts shall be approved for installation in such an exhaust system.” 

UnderDuct-VE Benefits

  • 1 Source System for Vehicle Exhaust Removal and Underground FRP Duct
  • Corrosion Resistant to Exhaust Gas and Condensate
  • Corrosion Resistant to Ground Conditions
  • Tested and certified to 500˚ F
  • Approved for Direct Burial, no concrete encasement required
  • One stop shopping for a complete ICC approved Underground Vehicle Exhaust System
  • The duct is designed to withstand both high water table conditions and wash water run-off.

UnderDuct-VE Brochure

UnderDuct-VE Temperature Test