Application Spotlight Location:

Lakewood Mausoleum, Minneapolis, MN

Monoxivent Sales Representative:

Midwest Mechanical Solutions

UnderDuct Details:

8″ up to 38″ Diameter, Double Wall Duct


Lakewood Mausoleum, made famous as the final resting place of Tiny Tim, is located in Minneapolis, MN. During the design phase of the Mausoleum expansion, Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc., the architect for this project wanted to create an above ground repository that had the comfort and convenience of indoor visitation. Being a place of solace however, it was neither desirable nor fitting for traditional methods of delivering heating and cooling.

With this in mind, Monoxivent’s double walled insulated Underduct was the perfect answer. Having the ability to bury the HVAC duct work in the ground instead of the age old visible approach of hanging duct, enabled the Architect to focus more on the aesthetics of the building interior. Unencumbered by problems with corrosion and material degradation from direct burial, Monoxivent’s Fiberglass Reinforced UnderDuct has helped to construct a “Green” minded building that has the grandeur and year round comfort that a place of reflection demands.

Midwest Mechanical Solutions, who is Monoxivent’s representative in the area, has teamed up with Egan Company to install approximately 1200 feet of Underduct that is factory insulated for an insulation value of R-7. Underduct will be a timeless addition for the millennia to come!