Application Spotlight Location/Sales Rep: 

Lake Itasca, MN
Headwaters – Mississippi River
University of Minnesota Biological Station/Laboratories

Monoxivent Sales Rep: 

Midwest Mechanical

About Itasca/Project:

Three ecosystems converge at Itasca: coniferous forest, eastern deciduous forest and tall grass prairie. Plants and animals native to each are abundant in the 50 square miles of Itasca State Park. The spectacular variety of undisturbed habitats makes Itasca an outstanding site for field research and training.

Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories is a University of Minnesota field station dedicated to research and teaching on how ecosystems work, with an eye to cultivating an appreciation of their value and preservation for future generations.

Over the past century, the station has attracted tens of thousands of students, teachers and scientists.

Monoxivent’s UnderDuct has been installed at a new $4.1 million campus center at Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories. The center, which replaces three obsolete buildings, will provide 12,000 square feet of technology-enabled laboratories, classrooms and offices, a multipurpose room that accommodates 150 people, a library/computer room, and three administrative offices.