Application Spotlight Location:

Mercedes-Benz, El Dorado, CA

Monoxivent Sales Rep:

Air Tech Sales
Marcelo Carino


In an effort to achieve the Autohas/Mercedes-Benz-USA image adopted by over 80% of the country’s dealerships, the luxury car store in Eldorado Hills was transformed to look like other Mercedes-Benz dealerships.


The modern history of El Dorado Hills dates back to the early 1960s when original developer Alan Lindsey began its development as a master planned community. Since its inception as a group of residential “villages”, this once small collection of neighborhoods has grown into the third highest income communities of its size range in the nation. It boasts such notable residents as Austin Collie – NFL Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts and Ryan Anderson – NBA power forward, Orlando Magic. It is also home for the Mercedes Benz of El Dorado Hills, a dealership owned by the Von Housen Automotive Group.

Mercedes-Benz has a rich history of environmental sensitivity, with more than a century of ongoing research that drives changes in their technology. They constructed the first green luxury dealership in the world to be U.S. Green Building Council-certified in Peoria, AZ. When it came time for the Von Housen Automotive Group to expand their showroom in El Dorado Hills, they followed the Mercedes Benz theme of responsible building.

Fashandi & Associates Engineering of San Diego, CA designed a showroom with the concept of using insulated buried duct work for its HVAC system that enabled the creation of a large open space. While Monoxivent’s UnderDuct was not the specified product for this project, Air Tech Sales of Roseville, CA who is Monoxivent’s representative in the area, teamed up with DKM Heating & Air Conditioning of Loomis, CA to win the job and install over 300 feet of double-wall Underduct that is factory insulated for an insulation value of R-7. This is certainly a case of a high quality installation for a customer who is quite familiar with high quality products!