Application Spotlight Location:

American Airlines Hangar 2 Pre-Conditioned Air Duct at O’Hare Airport Chicago, IL

Monoxivent Sales Rep:

Hatchell & Associates, Inc.


The Chicago Department of Aviation is the first in the nation to develop sustainable guidelines for design and construction at airports. The Sustainable Airport Manual was created as an integral part of Chicago’s ongoing efforts toward implementing more environmentally sustainable initiatives across all airport activities.  In 2017, American Airlines built a new aircraft hangar at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport which needed to include buried Pre-Conditioned Air duct installed under the hangar floor.


Double Wall Insulated UnderDuct with R-14 insulation was chosen as the Solution for this application.  This direct buried Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic duct supplies chilled air from the PCA units (Pre-Conditioned Air) out to concrete utility pits. When in the hangar, planes can connect via flex hose to these pits to supply the plane with pre-conditioned air without running any onboard engines.  This was the perfect Solution which helped American Airlines comply with the Sustainable Airport Manual in “hangar alley” at O’Hare International Airport.