Application Spotlight Location:



New Albany,IN

Sales Representative:

Air Mechanical Sales

Installed By:

Roberts Heating & Air


SAMTEC, Inc. is a supplier of “interconnect” technology for the electronics world. With their cutting-edge technology and dedication to product development, they have grown both financially and in number of employees. To accommodate their growth, they needed to expand their New Albany, Indiana facility. As a way of rewarding their employees and making a statement at the same time, SAMTEC wanted to add a crowning jewel to the company image. SAMTEC’s vision was to add an aquarium to their facility, for the enjoyment of their employees and customers. If you want a tank like no other, go to the pros. So, they sought out the creative minds behind the hit Animal Planet™ show Tanked™. Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Acrylic Tank designed, built and installed a beautiful 5,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. The aquarium is filled with a variety of fish, ranging from Blue Tang, Fox Face Fish, Horn Sharks and many more.

For this one of a kind project come to life, you need to assemble a one of a kind team. MONOXIVENT teamed up with Air Mechanical Sales and Roberts Heating & Air to make sure the design and installation of the heating, cooling and ventilation met all needs. Due to the corrosiveness of saltwater from such a large saltwater tank, special considerations with Air Mechanical Sales and Roberts Heating & Air of equipment choice were needed. MONOXIVENT’s UnderDuct™ double wall product line provided the perfect solution. UnderDuct™ was installed below floor for heating and cooling, and above floor for ventilation. The ductwork, which is E-84 class 1 compatible, ranged in sizes from 10” to 22” diameter. A key to project success was the pre-fabrication of run sections prior to delivery. This allowed Roberts to use less labor and time to complete the installation.

We must admit that this has been one of our more “fishy” projects.