Application Spotlight Location:

Northwestern University, Technology Institute, Evanston, IL


Flad Architects


Affiliated Engineers

Installing Contractor:

Air Design Systems, Inc., Willow Spring, IL


Hatchell, Elmhurst, IL

In 1939, inventor and railway supply manufacturer Walter P. Murphy gave $6,737,000 to establish the Northwestern University Technology Institute. Murphy meant for the Institute to be a cooperative educational/small industrial model where practical industrial applications could be worked out. Legend has it that Murphy was sitting in a barber’s chair on Mackinac Island, MI when he decided to make the gift to Northwestern. He later gave an additional endowment of 25 million dollars for the institute. The original building was dedicated in 1942 with additions completed in 1963 and 1973.


The new 2013 addition, J Wing North, is a five story laboratory structure constructed between two existing wings. Construction was made difficult because classes had to continue in the surrounding building wings. All adhesives, paints caulks etc., had to be low VOC and dust control measures had to be in place.


Monoxivent’s LabDuct with our L3 joint system proved to be an ideal solution for an occupied building. LabDuct’s corrosion resistant interior handles the corrosive laboratory fumes, while the exterior structural layer is a Class 1 duct material per NFPA 90 for Flame Spread (>25)and Smoke Development (>50). The L3 joint system means there is no grinding dust and the adhesive has less than 80 gr/ml of VOCs, contributing to Leed point certification.