Application Spotlight Location:

Lubrizol Corporation
Louisville, KY


The Lubrizol Corporation was looking for new solutions for drying fine CPVC powder. The process generates hydrochloric acid fumes. Monoxivent was approached by GEA Group in an attempt to find a solution. In using steel componentry for their process, it was discovered that a hydrochloric acid by product was deteriorating the equipment. Replacement equipment would need to be more-costly 316L or other expensive steels. Additionally, the powder would clog the duct work at various system points and workers were having problems breaking the clogs free without stopping the process and internally clearing the system.


Fiberglass was the material answer to the re-engineering of the system. The new design capitalized on the composite “basics” of being light weight and durable as well as chemically resistant to the acid fumes. Because of the durable flexibility of the duct, workers can now use rubber mallets to “hammer” the exterior of the duct to release the material clogs without causing structural damage to the duct, thereby eliminating the need to shut down the process. The bottom line is more dependable corrosion resistant system with less down time.