Application Spotlight Location:

American Airlines Hangar 2 Fuel Tank Exhaust at O’Hare Airport Chicago, IL

Monoxivent Sales Rep:

Hatchell & Associates, Inc.


In 2017, American Airlines built a new aircraft hangar at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport which needed to include buried Fuel Tank Exhaust duct installed under the hangar floor.


FRP Solutions by Monoxivent provided Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ductwork as the material of choice. The duct is providing exhaust for jet fuel vapors at the concrete fueling pits located within the hangar at various plane parking locations. This is a rather unique Solution using our Hybrid Corrosive Fume Duct in which the interior of the duct is resistant to the corrosive nature of the jet fuel vapors while the exterior of the duct carries a Class 1 rating for both low smoke and low flame. What makes this Solution creative is that the interior surface of the duct was fabricated with an electrically conductive veil to prevent static electricity build-up. At the field joint connections, stainless steel grounding lugs were provided to electrically bond each duct section together enabling the entire run of non-metallic duct to be electrically grounded. 

The installation of this direct-buried, corrosive resistant FRP duct was the perfect addition to this demanding application.