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In August 2014 we received a call asking if we could build a light weight work platform that would fit into the hopers of large combines as they roll through the production line. They had to be light weight, easy to lift in and out, and be able to support up to 3 workers or 1,100 pounds.


We recommended Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic with a balsa core stiffener as a way to meet all the requirements. Light weight end grain balsa core with fiberglass laminate on both sides is the first choice for America’s cup sail boats as well as industrial covers and tanks. After several face to face meetings and electronic drawing exchanges a final decision was completed and ready. A prototype was fabricated and sent to the production floor for acceptance testing. With only a few tweaks we were given approval to fabricate sets of platforms. In March of 2014 the platforms were put into service and all is going well.

Monoxivent was an integral part of this project from concept, design, manufacturing and on site assistance.