Application Spotlight Location:

Calumet Water Reclamation Plant
Chicago, IL


The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago recently added a grit removal facility to their Calumet Waste Water Treatment plant. The process required (8) each 120’ long corrosion resistant sloped flumes with an abrasion resistant surface. Flume elevations and equipment clearance without the use of cross bracing was also critical.


Monoxivent designed the trough system to fit the process requirements for Metcalf & EDDY / AECOM’s grit removal design. In addition to the abrasion and corrosion resistance the flumes had to resist deflection in the horizontal and vertical when full at 36’’ deep. Overflows, stilling wells and level devices had to be designed in close tolerance. The flumes sections were manufactured in 20’ long flanged sections with a 1% bottom slope and a level top over the 120’length. The flumes were supported every 10’ with stainless steel supports. Monoxivent’s grit flumes are a critical part of the grit removal system and will last for many years.