Application Spotlight Location:

Eastern Avenue Library, Davenport, IA

UnderDuct Details:

Over 1500-linear feet of UnderDuct from 36″ diameter down to 8″ diameter


As part of an expansion to their district, the Davenport Library sought to build new, eco-friendly branch to fulfill the needs of its growing community. It was decided that the new building should seek LEED Certification.

Project Details (from Davenport Library Press Release):
A successful public and private collaboration raised $8.2-million toward construction of Eastern Avenue Branch Library (Davenport, IA). The new library is scheduled to open in summer 2010.

“As one of the few LEED-certified public libraries in Iowa, the Eastern Avenue Branch will be an important contribution to Davenport in many ways,” said LaWanda Roudebush, Director of the Davenport Public Library. “This will truly be a multi-purpose Branch that will not only provide education, recreation, and opportunity but also will be an environmentally friendly gathering place for the community. We will be better able to serve the public with expanded library services and technology.”

The Eastern Avenue Branch Library will seek certification as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building. The LEED rating system of various levels encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and performance criteria. “Green” features of the Eastern Avenue Branch Library include geothermal heating and cooling, energy efficient design, storm water management to reduce runoff and pollution, day lighting to reduce the use of electric lighting and indoor environmental quality to reduce exposure to chemicals. Joe Huberty of Engberg Anderson, Milwaukee, WI, is the primary architect of the project. Bush Construction, of Davenport, is the general contractor. Both companies employ LEED-accredited professionals who will guide the project toward the goal of LEED certification.

UnderDuct Summary:

UnderDuct, by Monoxivent, is playing an integral role in the construction of Iowa’s latest LEED green building: Davenport’s Eastern Avenue Library. UnderDuct is one of the sustainable components being incorporated into the environmentally friendly design which achieved a Silver LEED Certification along with numerous other awards.

UnderDuct was installed with an insulated double-wall design that features 824 Low Smoke and Flame Class 1 duct rating, which is approved for direct burial. UnderDuct provides excellent resistance to corrosion and leakage. The duct is being used in conjunction with a geothermal HVAC design.

“Having the LEED design has major cost savings after the building is built,” Roudebush said. “The design also assists with the health and comfort levels for employees and visitors. We are excited about the underfloor duct; our Commissioning Agent, Mark Blackwood, of River Place Technologies in East Moline (IL) informed us that it has increased the lifespan, compared to metal duct, from 20- to 70-years.”

River Place Technologies is a certified commissioning authority for LEED and other projects and has a custom balancing division.

“The duct is a nice heavy walled product that fits well for the underground application,” Blackwood said. “This is the most viable option over the life of the building. I was impressed by UnderDuct. I really do not see any reason to go with any other product underground.”

UnderDuct was specified by Henneman Engineering’s Eric Granzow. Henneman, from Iowa City (IA), was the lead engineer on the library project.

“The UnderDuct provides a better overall finished product by ensuring that the insulation stays with the duct for the life of the system and minimizes concerns for moisture damage, both inside and out, by the inherent non-corrosive nature of the product,” Granzow said. “These features maximize the energy saved over the life by eliminating two ot the largest causes of energy loss in duct systems; loss of insulation and leakage.”

UnderDuct was installed after the foundation walls were put into place, prior to the floor being poured. Once the soil was compacted around the UnderDuct slab preparations were made for pouring. The duct was laid with a 1% slope to allow for drainage. With the laminated field joints the system is water and air tight. Another advantage of having the HVAC duct underfloor is to create open space in the occupied areas.

Terry Cahill, UnderDuct Division Manager, met with the mechanical design engineers to stress the LEED benefits of the product, including: energy savings from the insulated duct, the corrosion resistance of the duct, a better airflow with a smooth interior, and laminated joints for a sealed system.

Roudebush added that the fiberglass design, without seams or crevices, enables the duct to be mold and rust free. She said this component was discussed with the project manager, as well as Debra Sider of Engberg Anderson.

UnderDuct, by Monoxivent, provides the most versatile and cost effective Underground FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Duct on the market today! UnderDuct provides a wide range of solutions from the most demanding environments to standard layouts. Supply, return, and exhaust systems include, but are not limited to: Auditoriums, Auto Exhaust, Banks, Botanical Centers, Churches, High Rise Offices, Hospitals, Libraries, Parking Garages, Residences, Schools, Super Markets, Swimming Pools, and Zoos.