Solutions for an Enduring Tomorrow

Monoxivent provides quality solutions with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products. Our FRP products are used in many industrial, water, wastewater, underground, industrial/commercial and HVAC applications where corrosion is a problem.

Custom solutions for your corrosion problems in even the harshest environments are our specialty. Working with the experienced team at Monoxivent is a guarantee that you’ll receive superior customer service along with quality products.

Even if your problem is complex, we will diligently take on the challenge to find a solution for you. 

The Best on the Market

Monoxivent's FRP UnderDuct is the best choice for underground HVAC applications. Because it is versatile and non-corrosive, FRP UnderDuct can be utilized in any environment. 

Customization that Works

Our Hybrid LabDuct was created to reduce flame and smoke while providing corrosion resistance in a number of applications. It is commonly used in laboratories, hospitals, aquariums, and dog kennels. 

Combats Corrosion

Monoxivent’s way of combating corrosion is through custom fabrication. FRP products are all light weight, high strength, non-conductive, and corrosion-resistant so they can adapt to any environment. 

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