Single Wall Overview


Our Class 1 rated single wall duct, meets 25/50 flame/smoke requirements of ASTM E 84.  Monoxivent UnderDuct 824 Low Smoke has been approved for underground applications. It is an excellent choice for corrosive environments where flame and smoke development are a concern, such as laboratories and swimming pools.


Monoxivent’s single wall register boot (above) is shown during installation. The corrosion resistant boots are high strength and meet the same standards as typical single wall UnderDuct. Register boots are available in double wall construction as well.

Double Wall Overview

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Double wall Monoxivent UnderDuct, also a Class 1 rated duct, will eliminate any thermal losses and save time and money compared to insulating on site. When supplied with the standard 1” insulation, the duct has a k factor of 0.16 and an R value of 6. Also available in R-10, R-14 by request.

Double Wall Insulated UnderDuct fully complies with the latest version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) which requires specific R-values determined by ASTM testing methods. 

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