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UDB1, UnderDuct Brochure
UDB2, UnderDuct Brochure
UDB3, UnderDuct Brochure
UDB4, UnderDuct Brochure
UDB5, UnderDuct Brochure
UDB6, UnderDuct Brochure
CCB1, Corrosion Composites Brochure
CCB2, Corrosion Composites Brochure
CCB3, Corrosion Composites Brochure
CCB4, Corrosion Composites Brochure
CCB5, Corrosion Composites Brochure
CCB6, Corrosion Composites Brochure


2-1, UnderDuct Overview
2-2, Corrosion Composites Overview
2-3, UnderDuct Advantage
2-4, Corrosion Composites Advantage
2-5, UnderDuct – Single/Double Wall Duct
2-6, Corrosion Composites Duct
2-7, Lab Duct/Hybrid CF
2-8, UnderDuct – VE, Vehicle Exhaust Removal
2-9, UnderDuct – VE, Vehicle Exhaust Removal
2-10, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines – Summary
2-11, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-12, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-13, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-14, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-15, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-16, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-17, UnderDuct Installation, Burial Guidelines and Procedures
2-18, Cable Operated Dampers
2-19, Monoxivent FRP Warranty


3-1, Corrosion Specification
3-2, Corrosion Specification
3-3, Corrosion Specification
3-4, Corrosion Specification
3-5, Corrosion Specification
3-6, Corrosion Specification
3-7, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-8, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-9, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-10, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-11, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-12, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-13, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-14, Laboratory Hybrid Duct Specification
3-15, UnderDuct Low VOC Specification
3-16, UnderDuct Low VOC Specification
3-17, UnderDuct Low VOC Specification
3-18, UnderDuct Low VOC Specification
3-19, UnderDuct Low VOC Specification
3-20, UnderDuct Specification
3-21, UnderDuct Specification
3-22, UnderDuct Specification
3-23, UnderDuct Specification
3-24, UnderDuct Specification
3-25, UnderDuct-VE Specification
3-26, UnderDuct-VE Specification
3-27, UnderDuct-VE Specification
3-28, UnderDuct-VE Specification
3-29, ICC Code Approval Summary
PMG-1171, ICC Code Approval Listing
3-30, Corrosion Composites Standards


4-1, FRP Configuration
4-2, L3 Connection
4-3, Double Wall Insulated Duct Connection, DWIDC
4-4, FRP Fittings and Joints
4-5, Joining Procedures
4-6, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-7, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-8, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-9, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-10, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-11, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct
4-12, Field Installation Instructions, UnderDuct


5-1, What is FRP?
5-2, Benefits of FRP
5-3, UnderDuct Production Process
5-4, Green Building with UnderDuct
5-5, Made in USA, Buy American Act


6-1, Completed Projects List
6-2, Completed Projects List
6-3, Calumet: Corrosion Resistant Grit Flumes
6-4, Ohio St.: Corrosion Resistant Exhaust Hoods
6-5, Owatonna: Odor Control Ventilation
6-6, Kansas City: Fiberglass Water Wheels
6-7, Sydney: UnderDuct at Ports Corp., AUS
6-8, Missouri St.: UnderDuct at University
6-9, Duncan: UnderDuct at Aviation Site
6-10, Underduct VE: at Wisconsin Dealership
6-11, Mercedes: UnderDuct at Dealership
6-12, LEED Library: UnderDuct in Davenport, IA
6-13, Transit Operations: UnderDuct at NC Facility
6-14, Lakewood: UnderDuct at Mausoleum Project
6-15, Lake Itasca: UnderDuct at Headwaters, U of MN Lab
6-16, Waste Water Treatment Plant, City Of Detroit
6-17, University of Illinois Natural History Building

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