Product Information


UnderDuct by Monoxivent provides the most versatile and cost effective Underground Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Duct on the market. We provide a wide range of solutions for the most demanding environments to standard layouts.

Monoxivent’s manufacturing source has over 40 years of experience and is a leader in the Under-Slab Fiberglass Duct market. Monoxivent has a nationwide network of sales representatives and a top-tier inside support staff the provides: engineering, design, sales, service, and marketing. UnderDuct is offered in single wall and pre-insulated double wall construction to meet any ventilation needs. Monoxivent 824 Low Smoke Class 1 duct is approved for direct burial. UnderDuct has received Code Compliance Approval from ICC Evaluation Service.

UnderDuct markets for supply, return, and exhaust systems include, but are not limited to: auditoriums, auto exhaust, banks, botanical centers, churches, high rise office, hospitals, libraries, parking garages, residences, restaurants, schools, super markets, swimming pools, and zoos.

UnderDuct offers many advantages over other material choices:

  • Class 1 duct material for low smoke and low flame
  • Impervious to water and corrosive soil conditions
  • Does not require concrete encasement
  • Factory assembly reduces installation time


Corrosion Composites

Corrosion Composites by Monoxivent is a source for corrosion resistant fiberglass fabrication services. Fiberglass laminated composites are light weight, high strength, non conductive, and corrosion resistant. Monoxivent assists with design, engineering, drawing, manufacturing, inspection, and installation. Monoxivent brings together years of fiberglass experience and manufacturing expertise. For many industrial, water, and wastewater applications where corrosion is a problem, fiberglass is the material of choice.

Corrosion Composites provides excellent resistance to corrosion and offers a long service life. Laminates are designed for wind, seismic, snow, pressure, vacuum, and temperature. Corrosion Composites adhere to ASTM, SMACNA, and other industry standards.

Product categories include: duct, scrubbers, dampers, tank covers, weirs, platforms, stacks, flumes, manholes, stack liners, trenches, pressure vessels, tanks, hoods, troughs, baffles, ladders and more.