UnderDuct by Monoxivent provides the most versatile and cost effective Underground Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Duct on the market. We provide a wide range of solutions for the most demanding environments to standard layouts.

Monoxivent’s manufacturing source has over 40 years of experience and is a leader in the Under-Slab Fiberglass Duct market. Monoxivent has a nationwide network of sales representatives and a top-tier inside support staff the provides: engineering, design, sales, service, and marketing. UnderDuct is offered in single wall and pre-insulated double wall construction to meet any ventilation needs. Monoxivent 824 Low Smoke Class 1 duct is approved for direct burial. UnderDuct has received Code Compliance Approval from ICC Evaluation Service.

UnderDuct markets for supply, return, and exhaust systems include, but are not limited to: auditoriums, auto exhaust, banks, botanical centers, churches, high rise office, hospitals, libraries, parking garages, residences, restaurants, schools, super markets, swimming pools, and zoos.